Problems of industrial automation equipment in China
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1、 Weak industrial foundation

China's industrial foundation in related parts is weak, the processing capacity and level of intelligent automation equipment supporting enterprises are uneven, and the quality, product series and batch supply capacity are far behind international famous enterprises. In particular, the gap between High-Performance AC servo motor and high-precision reducer is particularly obvious, and the R & D capacity is backward. At present, more than 70% of the core parts of domestic intelligent automation equipment are imported, and the import cost has accounted for more than 40% of the total cost, which seriously weakens the competitive advantage of domestic intelligent automation equipment.

2、 The industrial system needs to be improved

The powerful country of intelligent automation equipment attaches great importance to the improvement of public service platforms, technical standards, talents and other industrial systems. Taking Japan as an example, the Japanese government realizes information sharing and application of key common technologies and standardized processes through the construction of robot public service platform, and the Japanese robot association actively promotes the technical standards of Japanese intelligent automation equipment. At the same time, most foreign intelligent automation equipment enterprises, such as FANUC, set up training centers to train professional talents. In the early stage of robotics research and development in China, most of them were universities and scientific research institutes, and there was a disconnect between technology research and market application. The scientific research of enterprises is also independent. There is no platform for collaborative innovation and information sharing among scientific research institutions, production enterprises and users. In terms of technical standards, there is a lack of voice, and the training of professional and technical personnel is insufficient.

3、 Low scale level

There is a saying that "100 start, 500 flat and 1000 profitable" in the intelligent automation equipment industry, which reflects the importance of scale to the development of the intelligent automation equipment industry. The development of intelligent automation equipment in China has not yet formed a large-scale and industrialized operation mode. The intelligent automation equipment enterprises with an annual output of 500 sets are relatively rare. The high-end intelligent automation equipment still relies on imports, and the domestic intelligent automation equipment mainly consists of medium and low-grade products. In 2013, China's own brand of intelligent automation equipment is still dominated by the low-end three-axis and four-axis, and the high-end six axis joint robot accounts for less than 6%. Zhengmao automation is an enterprise specializing in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of automatic screw locking equipment. It has a team of technical talents engaged in the development and production of automatic screw tightening equipment for many years. We are committed to solving and realizing high efficiency, high quality, low cost, fully automated production operations. Although our country has carried out the research of robot technology as early as the National 863 plan, the industrialization and marketization level of robot technology was not high because of the wide use of intelligent automation equipment at that time. The lag of robot technology level and marketization and the long verification cycle of application enterprises lead to the lack of influence of intelligent automation equipment of our own brand and the difficulty of promotion and application.

4、 Market homogeneity competition

With the rapid growth of the demand for intelligent automation equipment in China, a large number of enterprises and local governments are optimistic about the market of intelligent automation equipment. Enterprises enter the industry of intelligent automation equipment through M & A, joint venture, equity participation and other ways. Local governments also actively layout the construction of Intelligent Automation equipment industrial park. At present, China's intelligent automation equipment enterprises mainly focus on system integration, through the purchase of foreign intelligent automation equipment for downstream users design, wandering in the field of high-tech industries with low added value. Therefore, there is a risk of low-end lock-in in China's intelligent automation equipment industry. The vicious competition of domestic intelligent automation equipment enterprises and the repeated construction of "one-off" make the profits of domestic intelligent automation equipment enterprises small, which may eventually restrict the upgrading process of domestic robots to the high-end of the industrial chain.

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